The title is wrong, “our” team currently consists of just one member, me. Although I hope to increase the number of potentially blasphemous Indians in our team, I see no such opportunity at my hand right now. So, who am I?

Don’t get metaphysical just yet, you will get that chance soon enough. For the time being, let’s stick to pragmatic realism (or as the cool guys say, “practical”). I cannot give too much data online for reasons which may or may not be very obvious to you. However, I will give some relevant information so that you can better understand me while not actually knowing who I am.

I am an Indian teenager, 14 years old. If you want me to be more specific, I live in West Bengal and my first language is Bengali (clearly). I am currently in 9th grade. I became an atheist at the age of 7, for a very ridiculous reason (I will come to that shortly). I currently consider myself an agnostic atheist and slightly apathetic to the existence of a monotheistic God. I have a plethora of interests; ranging from Fine Arts to hardcore philosophy; illusionism, cosmology, physics, literature, evolutionary biology, music all to be included. I am generally considered to be quite eccentric in my colony and school. I sometimes appear to be weird even to myself, interpret that as you may. I like to write and to read.

One of the reasons for why I created this blog is that I want to keep a track on my thoughts. I do have another blog in WordPress but that doesn’t have good chance to be active again, I wasn’t getting the fun from writing in that blog. I once considered keeping a typical diary to record my day to day life, but then I decided to let my voice be heard. This blog is about nothing particular, I can write all I want. Nevertheless, I can guarantee you that I wouldn’t write anything even remotely uninteresting. The content of this blog will range from the topic of God to classical music and everything in-between.

Blasphemy is a strong word, and I did not put that in the title solely for the hell of it. When I say I am blasphemous, I mean I am blasphemous. I wouldn’t intentionally hurt any feelings of any religious person, because that doesn’t really make any sense, but I cannot give my word on any offense that may come in the charge of an argument or opinion. Further, a more defining word regarding my mindset is that I am a skeptic, skeptical to all sorts of things, even science. I do not take anything on face value. If you’re not comfortable with that, I don’t know what you are doing with your life. See, I made a pun right there, and I will make many of that sort in the course of my articles; for maturity’s sake, don’t get offended and relax, because I don’t care anyway. The simple fact is that offense is taken, not given.


I expect opinions, yes, a lot of opinions. Don’t hesitate to give your opinions about my blog posts in the comment section, in the world governed by Quantum Mechanics, I am still giving you ample amount of certainty that I will respond to your comment, whether to give thanks, or to start an argument. One of the reasons for why I created this blog is to connect with a lot of people willing to share their opinions and to have a meaningful discussion.

And last but not the least, don’t forget to share my posts if you find it intriguing.